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Stayin’ Alive

A dedicated team of red boxes risk their lives on a desperate mission to deliver the Offishul Disco Box to the heart of Cardboard*Con 11 in Atlanta (which happens on the first Saturday of March every year!!). To learn more about the world’s largest all-cardboard science fiction and fantasy convention visit us at today!!

Cardboard Culture

Why God Hates Cardboard

There are some out there who claim that God hates cardboard. This belief is misguided and far from the truth, but how do we address those who hate our favorite costuming material? Let’s explore the issue.


2020 Badj Art Reveal

Our Badj Committee have been dying to reveal the artwork for Cardboard*Con 2020!! So here it is!! This year’s artwork is entitled “Beamed” and was designed by Kingston Drew of Lower West Newcastle (the wet part).

Announcements News

2020 Theme Star Trak Disco

This morning the Cardboard*Con Ruling Committee held a press conference during a press conference by Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms. After being escorted outside the committee issued a statement that the theme for the 2020 Convention would be “Star Trak”. When a reporter from WSB-TV asked if they meant “Star Trek” there was a quick huddle, heated language, a little shoving, and a further announcement that the theme was indeed “Star Trak”.

Cardboard Culture Sci-Fi Cons

The Ascension of Saint Jon du FedEx

Concerns have arisen in the cardboard community regarding an event that occurred at this year’s Dragon*Con. A non-verbal representative from cardboard costume supplier FedEx was revealed as a prophet in the waning days of the convention. This prophet was named “Jon” by the internet.

Dragon Con

Bob Lumpkin & the Dragon Con Parade

The Cardboard News Network has obtained footage of a bizarre telephone call regarding the upcoming 2019 Dragon Con parade. According to a man identifying himself as Bob Lumpkin, a volunteer with the Dragon Con parade. Mister Lumpkin reports that the convention is set to make several safety improvements this year, spurred by the recent Legionnaires Disease outbreak at the Atlanta Sheraton.

Cardboard Art

The Art of Warren King

Warren King is an American artist currently based in New York. His primary media is cardboard, which should be of immense interest to our followers and collectors of paper art.


In Memory of Peter Mayhew

This morning Cardboard*Con issued a press release expressing their sorrow and condolences for the family of actor Peter Mayhew upon his passing.

Cardboard*Con is saddened to share the news of the death of Peter Mayhew.

Peter gave billions of people great joy in his lifetime and influenced many who work and volunteer at our convention. Cardboard*Con has enjoyed a long history of attendees boxplaying Mayhew’s iconic Star Wars character, Chewbacca.

The pioneer of Cookie boxplay (cardboard wookie cosplay) was by Elliott Boswell, whose boxtume towered at nearly 8 feet tall. Chewboxxa was the most physically accurate boxplay of the beloved character.

Elliott Boswell as cardboard Chewbacca

In later years Rick Wollnick picked up the mantle, recreating the Cookie in a more compact form, as seen in this photo by Dean Ansley at Dragon*Con in 2013.

Rick Wollnick as cardboard Chewbacca

Adults and children alike love these lovable renditions, a testament to the acting prowess and gentle humanity of Peter Mayhew.

In Stercore, Peter Mayhew! May your recycling be Marvelous!!


Homeless Homeboy Comic

As promised, we’re giving an extra-special shout-out to one of the special guests from our 10th Anniversary Event. Derek Jefferson, author of Homeless Homeboy. Support your local comic book artists!


2019 Costume Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of our contest participants, in our books you’re ALL wearing garbage!! Here are the our trashiest contestants for 2019: