The Convention

What is it?

Cardboard*Con is the world’s most affordable science fiction / fantasy convention, and the first dedicated to the art of cardboard costuming. Accidentally founded in 2010 by Captain Drew of the original cardboard troopers, Cardboard*Con has gone on to attract tens of devoted attendees and such guests as Cardboard Pac-Man, Cardboard She-Ra, Cardboard Murder Kroger, Cardboard Captain America, Cardboard AWESOM-O, and Cardboard Boxxa Fett(ucinni).

Are Costumes Required?
2012 Cardboard*Con Costume Contest Winners

The correct term is “boxtumes“, and they are highly encouraged.

First time attendees are not required to wear costumes, but once exposed to the high stakes world of cardboard design they typically ease out the back door and begin running away, quickly. Nerds who are incapable of running away simply nip off to the food court to rustle up a box to put over their head.

When is it?

Cardboard*Con happens every year on the First SATURDAY of March.

Where is it?

Held annually in historic Downtown Atlanta, Cardboard*Con is a family-friendly “traveling convention” spanning several of the city’s most luxurious convention hotels and providing a significant positive economic and spiritual uplift to the city as a whole. A map of the convention is provided below for the use of attendees and the edification of the curious. You may have to remove your costume to access this feature.

How Much Does It Cost?

Cardboard*Con is ABSOLUTELY FREE, however group discounts are available for $400/person. Eternal Memberships are available for $1200 and include access to all areas of the convention as well as exclusive con-related events throughout the year, like this website.

Can I Bring My Kids?

Yes! Please note however that many parts of the convention are generally held within a few hours of bedtime and the majority of attendees are adults who may be imbibing, but that’s your business, Charlie.

Vendors & the Dealer’s Room

It’s no seekrit that vendors are incredibly interested in connecting with the well-attired attendees of Cardboard*Con! Unfortunately, due to the mobile nature of our key events we do not have a traditional dealer’s room. Instead, vendors should attend wearing costumes which incorporate (or feature samples) of the wares they vend.

While this is understandably somewhat of a burden, it makes every sale that much more sweet. Please police your own loading dock.