In Memory of Peter Mayhew

This morning Cardboard*Con issued a press release expressing their sorrow and condolences for the family of actor Peter Mayhew upon his passing.

Cardboard*Con is saddened to share the news of the death of Peter Mayhew.

Peter gave billions of people great joy in his lifetime and influenced many who work and volunteer at our convention. Cardboard*Con has enjoyed a long history of attendees boxplaying Mayhew’s iconic Star Wars character, Chewbacca.

The pioneer of Cookie boxplay (cardboard wookie cosplay) was by Elliott Boswell, whose boxtume towered at nearly 8 feet tall. Chewboxxa was the most physically accurate boxplay of the beloved character.

Elliott Boswell as cardboard Chewbacca

In later years Rick Wollnick picked up the mantle, recreating the Cookie in a more compact form, as seen in this photo by Dean Ansley at Dragon*Con in 2013.

Rick Wollnick as cardboard Chewbacca

Adults and children alike love these lovable renditions, a testament to the acting prowess and gentle humanity of Peter Mayhew.

In Stercore, Peter Mayhew! May your recycling be Marvelous!!