Homeless Homeboy Comic

As promised, we’re giving an extra-special shout-out to one of the special guests from our 10th Anniversary Event. Derek Jefferson, author of Homeless Homeboy. Support your local comic book artists!


2019 Costume Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of our contest participants, in our books you’re ALL wearing garbage!! Here are the our trashiest contestants for 2019:

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Valuable Gold Time Capsule

A Brut Gold box was created explicitly for Luc Belaire and transformed into a valuable gold time capsule (“Tim Capsule”) for the 10th Annual Cardboard*Con. Trash artist Captain Drew claims that it was his “most profound” work yet, but he was drunk. All the coolest attendees of this year’s special con signed the time capsule. It is hoped the capsule will then be stored in the Smithsonian. Failing that, it will be stored in Captain Drew’s basement.

Convention Reports

Review of Cardboard*Con 10: Generic Cardboard Space Adventure (2019)

The Generic Cardboard Space Adventure was the 10th installment of an ill-advised campaign to rally workaday men and women to escape the routine of their normal day by donning cardboard costumes and gallivanting around downtown Atlanta, Georgia, to the delight and confoundment of boring people who don’t know how to wear cardboard.

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Alton Brown at Cardboard*Con

History may never know who was more surprised when the 10th Annual Cardboard*Con came face to face with famous television chef Alton Brown.


Cardboard*Con 10 Trophies Revealed

Cardboard*Con has announced the one of a kind trophies for their 2019 event and the Cardboard News Network is here with the scoop! Just take a look at these beauties (and is that a solid gold time capsule in the background?)! While it may look like trash to some, Cardboard*Con is actually a modern art experiment by renowned prankster-artist Banksy’s pal Captain Drew and each prize (piece of artwork) is valued at no less than $500.

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Generic Cardboard Action Heroes Toy Line

The most exciting toy line in the history of Cardboard*Con has been announced by that same strange convention, much to the confusion of boxplayers and cardboard toy collectors around the planet. Act Now!! Or maybe later!! No one is quite sure when!! Although to be fair, it will probably be at the 10th Annual Cardboard*Con.