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Oh Hai! Fashun Sho

The 14th Annual Cardboard*Con begins this evening in Atlanta with its “Oh Hai! Fashun Sho”, and the fashion world is abuzz with expectation. This year, Cardboard*Con’s attendees will focus on high fashion (“hai fashun” in Cardboardese). Rumors are running wild about potential attendees, with badjs to the event so exclusive that no photos have been shared to social media.

The first evidence of this year’s event was an enormous skin covering renovation scaffolding outside the Théâtre de la Ville along the Seine, in Paris.

Oh Hai! Fashun Sho advertisement in Paris, France.
Oh hai! Fashun building wrap at the Theatre de la Ville, in Paris, France.

The electrifying artwork was soon released to social media, and a date was announced on the Official Cardboard*Con website…

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Summer Concert Series

Cardboard*Con gamely announces the arrival of a new summer concert series for dumpsterbound fans out there. While this video is entirely available for viewing, we strongly encourage our fans to save their 13 minutes for clipping their toenails or other useful tasks.

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Why God Hates Cardboard

There are some out there who claim that God hates cardboard. This belief is misguided and far from the truth, but how do we address those who hate our favorite costuming material? Let’s explore the issue.

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The Ascension of Saint Jon du FedEx

Concerns have arisen in the cardboard community regarding an event that occurred at this year’s Dragon*Con. A non-verbal representative from cardboard costume supplier FedEx was revealed as a prophet in the waning days of the convention. This prophet was named “Jon” by the internet.

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Valuable Gold Time Capsule

A Brut Gold box was created explicitly for Luc Belaire and transformed into a valuable gold time capsule (“Tim Capsule”) for the 10th Annual Cardboard*Con. Trash artist Captain Drew claims that it was his “most profound” work yet, but he was drunk. All the coolest attendees of this year’s special con signed the time capsule. It is hoped the capsule will then be stored in the Smithsonian. Failing that, it will be stored in Captain Drew’s basement.

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Secret Atlanta: Box Heroes

It means something to the cardboard community when boxplayers are recognized by outsiders who might typically mock our way of life. This week Public Broadcasting Station WPBA Channel 30 added a new segment to their Atlanta-centric series “Secret Atlanta” by showcasing the city’s very own Box Heroes!

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Box Heroes Debut Short Film ‘True Believers’

Fan favorite boxplayers The Box Heroes were proud to debut their new film “True Believers” at Dragon Con this year!

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MIT Nerds Race Cardboats

Today a bunch of geeks up in Massachusetts launched their first-ever cardboard boat race!! These nerds have their own cute little newsletter and have written a long, long, long story about their cardboard regatta that may eat into your rum-drinking time. We advise that you just read our article, which steals the best part of their article and adds some gravitas to it, due to our powerful voice in the cardboard community.