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Secret Atlanta: Box Heroes

It means something to the cardboard community when boxplayers are recognized by outsiders who might typically mock our way of life. This week Public Broadcasting Station WPBA Channel 30 added a new segment to their Atlanta-centric series “Secret Atlanta” by showcasing the city’s very own Box Heroes!

When Stephen Larkworthy made a few costumes out of cardboard for Dragon Con in 2009, he didn’t imagine that he would eventually rope in dozens of collaborators and make over 100 different boxy superhero characters. Now an Atlanta fixture, the Box Heroes appear in a number of parades and charity events around town, including the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade, Inman Park Festival and Dragon Con.

Synopsis for Secret Atlanta episode featuring the Box Heroes

Directed by Jack Walsh, the entire mini-doc runs just over 5 minutes, so sit down and get ready to see how much fun cardboard costuming can be!

Synopsis of Secret Atlanta Series

You may think you know Atlanta, but chances are, there are some things around the city you’ve missed. Or, maybe you caught a glimpse of something that left you wanting to know more. PBA30¬ís Secret Atlanta brings you a closer look at the parts of the city that may be off the beaten path or even right under your nose.

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