Commershuls Videos

4th Annual Cardboard*Con Promo

New for 2013, a MONSTER of a spot for Cardboard*Con, the world’s most affordable science fiction and fantasy convention. Commercial produced by Captain Drew, voice talent courtesy of EcoBox.

History Trophies

2013 Robert Gair Memorial Loving Cup

Beginning this year the Grand Prize Winner of the badly run and extremely confusing Cardboard*Con costume contest will be awarded with the now-legendary Robert Gair Memorial Loving Cup (referred to more casually as “The Cardboard Cup”).


2013 Badj Art Reveal

Our Badj Committee are electrified to reveal the artwork for Cardboard*Con 2013!! This year’s artwork is entitled “Ript” and was designed by Shiela Shula of West Atlanta, Georgia. Shiela is allergic to cats.

Further Reading

The History of the Cardboard*Con Badj


2013 Theme Floating Away

The Cardboard News Network has learned that this year’s Cardboard*Con will be held on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 beginning at 7:00pm EST.

Attendees will meet at Meehan’s Irish Pub on Peachtree, like last year, and go from there.