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2013 Robert Gair Memorial Loving Cup

Beginning this year the Grand Prize Winner of the badly run and extremely confusing Cardboard*Con costume contest will be awarded with the now-legendary¬†Robert Gair¬†Memorial Loving Cup (referred to more casually as “The Cardboard Cup”).

“In honor of the man who gave us all the ability to boxplay, the Cardboard*Con Awards Committee have named our annual costume contest award after the “Father of the Cardboard Box”, Robert Gair. For 2013 the award has been customized to feature branding from sponsor Joe’s Sticky Stuff, but has otherwise been left as it has been since the Gair Company moved to Piermont, New York in 1926, foreshadowing the death of its founder the very next year at age 88.”

Cardboard*Con Awards Committee

Unlike normal trophies, the winner will keep The Cardboard Cup until a new champion is crowned the following year. As part of Cardboard*Con tradition the winner’s name will be permanently inscribed onto the trophy, using permanent marker, and the winner may add tokens of decor to the actual cup.

The Legacy of Robert Gair

Did you know that a Scottish man living in Brooklyn man invented the folding carton in 1890? Of course you did!!! You’re a Boxplayer and you learned the entire history of cardboard before you were able to earn your Offishul Cardboard Purfesshunal Acheevmint Badj!!

So let’s not be silly.

Simply crack open your copy of Robert Gair: A Study by H. Allen Smith and enjoy once again the incredible introduction by Lewis Mumford about a man who accidentally invented cardboard just like Captain Drew accidentally invented Cardboard*Con!

If that’s not enough then find out when the next tour of the neighborhood formerly named after Gair (Gairville), now known as Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) or read the entire history online!

Let’s try not to lose our loving cup again this year you Dumbos!!!

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