Badj History

Our original web programmer mistakenly spelled “badge” as “badj” and it has become a Cardboard*Con tradition to refer to it that way ever since. Each year a new artist is selected by our Badj Committee to design the following year’s badj, which is revealed prior to the convention.

Attendees who have read the rules correctly will know to print out a copy of the badj and attach it to their costume.

Please note that this Offishul Badj will NOT get you into Cardboard*Con. However, it’s safe to say that it won’t get you kicked out, either.

In fact, it doesn’t do a whole lot of anything.

Badj Valuations

Links to pages dedicated to each badj are provided below, along with a recent valuation of the estimated market value of the original artwork used to create each badj. The first 10 years of Cardboard*Con badjs are available as a set for only $90,600 (a very wise purchase) or singly.