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Oh Hai! Fashun Sho

The 14th Annual Cardboard*Con begins this evening in Atlanta with its “Oh Hai! Fashun Sho”, and the fashion world is abuzz with expectation. This year, Cardboard*Con’s attendees will focus on high fashion (“hai fashun” in Cardboardese). Rumors are running wild about potential attendees, with badjs to the event so exclusive that no photos have been shared to social media.

The first evidence of this year’s event was an enormous skin covering renovation scaffolding outside the Théâtre de la Ville along the Seine, in Paris.

Oh Hai! Fashun Sho advertisement in Paris, France.
Oh hai! Fashun building wrap at the Theatre de la Ville, in Paris, France.

The electrifying artwork was soon released to social media, and a date was announced on the Official Cardboard*Con website…