Ben Burtt: Pioneer of Boxplay?

Investigative Cardboard News Network reporter Felix Cooper has uncovered a photograph poised to rock the world of boxplay: is famed Star Wars sound recordist Ben Burtt a pioneer of boxplay??

Material Reviews

Review of WrapPak EX Mini

One of our favorite new materials isn’t really new at all – it’s just paper! But it’s what the paper-based packaging firm Ranpak has done with that paper that has us so excited! These cats have gone in and die-cut brown kraft paper, giving it a three-dimensional texture, making it the paper equivalent of plastic bubblewrap without all those pesky hydrocarbons! So let’s get on with our review of WrapPak EX Mini before you rush off to buy some from!

News Videos

Lost Footage Found in Dumpster

Last week it was announced that a strange videocassette containing lost footage of Cardboard*Con 2011 had been found lodged in the intake chute of one of the Cram-A-Lot Self-Contained Trash Compactors (a fancy dumpster) located deep in the bowels of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. This lost footage is rocking the boxplay world.