Ben Burtt: Pioneer of Boxplay?

Investigative Cardboard News Network reporter Felix Cooper has uncovered a photograph poised to rock the world of boxplay: is famed Star Wars sound recordist Ben Burtt a pioneer of boxplay??

During a social distancing “date” outside the window of his grandmother’s retirement home window, Felix noticed a recycling box filled with old magazines. Being a bit of a hoarder, Felix took them home to file in his garage.

In one magazine, legendary Star Wars sound recordist Ben Burtt was featured doing vintage boxplay. Unfortunately, before we could obtain more information on where this photo had been published, there was a major magazine-slide in Felix’s garage. He found himself trapped underneath 2 feet of People magazine for several days.

Fortunately, he survived on a pile of vending machine crackers (the square orange ones with peanut butter filling) and several cans of Fresca that had been exposed by the collapse of the northern wall of a mountain of vintage National Geographic magazines.

Until Felix can locate the magazine with this article, we can only speculate that an Oscar award winner might also be a boxplay pioneer.

Not knowing where else to turn we are reaching out to Felix’s mother for confirmation.

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