Cardboard Culture Videos

Summer Concert Series

Cardboard*Con gamely announces the arrival of a new summer concert series for dumpsterbound fans out there. While this video is entirely available for viewing, we strongly encourage our fans to save their 13 minutes for clipping their toenails or other useful tasks.

Announcements Boxplay Technology

Elon Musk and the CoronaBox 19

During a contentious pre-planning Zoom meeting for Cardboard*Con 2021, Elon Musk changed cardboard immunology forever. Musk, the self-appointed Director of the non-existent Research & Development Track said “Let’s get back to normal”, then did the unthinkable. Taking advantage of the host’s unfamiliarity with the Zoom interface, Musk proceeded to hijack the meeting. He began sharing his screen and running a 28 minute PowerPoint presentation for a radical new boxplay helmet design he described as a “CoronaBox 19”. While our intrepid CNN reporters were unable to obtain his actual PowerPoint file, they did walk away with a few details and images.


The Legacy of Robert Gair

Boxplayers the world over set aside the last day of July to celebrate the life and legacy of Robert Gair, inventor of the mass-production of cardboard boxes. The symmetry of Gair’s birth on July 31, 1839, and subsequent death on that same day in 1927 has proven irresistible to celebrants. Many boxplayers consider “88” to be a highly lucky number and incorporate it into their festivities.