Boxplay Opinion

Boxplay 101

At the end of July a group of Cardboard*Con veterans traveled to Birmingham, Alabama, to lead a workshop for aspiring boxplayers at Play-On-Con. It was tremendously rewarding to see attendees realize how much fun it is to work with paper in crafting a costume. One of the most important things we have learned about boxplay is that there is no correct style when building a costume – it has to suit your personality and style. Your way is the right way, for you, but everyone needs a starting place, which is the intent of this article by Captain Drew.

Sci-Fi Cons

Play On Con Cardboard Costuming Panel

Gaming convention Play On Con 2011 is in the books but not without a touch of cardboard! This year a team from Cardboard*Con finally make it to the correct meeting room of the correct sci-fi con at the correct time, and the room was stocked with lots and lots of cardboard – the perfect recipe for teaching nerds some cardboard costuming techniques from some of our award-winning boxtumers!!