Mother Nature Network at Cardboard*Con 4

This year a reporting team from Mother Nature Network (MNN) attended Cardboard*Con 4! As the world’s most visited online network for news and information related to the environment and responsible living, MNN gave Cardboard*Con exactly the kind of positive notoriety that they’re certain to piddle away on cardboard hookers.

Still, check out the article by Laura Moss, it’s pretty groovy.


2013 Costume Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of our contest participants, in our books you’re ALL wearing garbage!! Here are the our trashiest contestants for 2013:

Convention Reports

Review of Cardboard*Con 4: Floating Away with the Rest of the Garbage (2013)

Cardboard*Con 4 followed the same route as 2012, beginning on the west side of Peachtree Street at Meehan’s Public House Downtown, from whence began our 2nd ANNUAL PARADE!! (which simply means crossing the street at marked crossings to go across the street to the next location, obeying all traffic laws)


People Will Laugh

While many boxplayers will try to offer reassurance that you will not be mocked for wearing cardboard the truth is, you will be mocked. Mercilessly. People will point at you. They will take photos and yell for others to come see you. You will become the center of attention. Can you handle it? Heck yes you can, IT’S CARDBOARD*CON!!!!!!!