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Review of Cardboard*Con 4: Floating Away with the Rest of the Garbage (2013)

Cardboard*Con 4 followed the same route as 2012, beginning on the west side of Peachtree Street at Meehan’s Public House Downtown, from whence began our 2nd ANNUAL PARADE!! (which simply means crossing the street at marked crossings to go across the street to the next location, obeying all traffic laws)

In a first for a major Atlanta science fiction convention, Cardboard*Con stopped selling badjs and refused to sell them at the door. If you did not already have a badj you still could have come in and done everything, but without a badj. Life is complicated.

Rice cardboard from Tokushima Prefecture was unavailable until MAY, so this year’s panel on “sprightly honor cardboard challenge” was rescheduled until NEXT YEAR. Sorry folks, it’s been a hard winter for our friends at Grab Now Cardboard Happiness Corp.

2013: 4th Anniversary Guests

  • Cardboard Boba Fett
  • Photognome
  • The Box Hero Corps
  • Admiral Ackbox
  • William Shatner was unable to attend because he was not invited
  • Candace Accola

2013: The Con in Review

The 4th Annual Cardboard*Con was held on Saturday, March 2, 2013, the anniversary of the Bank of England issuing the one and two pound bank notes.


  • due to frigid weather and a malfunctioning badj system the 2013 con experienced a set-back in attendance
  • the confluence of adverse conditions resulted in THE BEST CON OF EVER!!!!
  • Boxzilla won 1st prize in the costume contest (see our list of winners!)
  • We had a super fun dance party with the Beta Club this year!
  • The Mother Nature Network came to party with us!
  • Peter Ogilvie of Pop Tab Photos shot some awesome photos of the night!

2013 Photo Gallery



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