Cardboard*Con 13 Returns to Live Boxes

Cardboard*Con 13 will take place on Saturday, March 5, 2022 and we will return to LIVE and IN PERSON people wearing boxes!!! (Please don’t come if you don’t need to)

This year’s theme is: CHOOSE YOUR OWN DAMN THEME

Go to the spinner on our website and just let fate pick your costume, okay?

Our Badj is now LIVE:

Listen, people are fairly unhinged at this point in time and we’re all swimming in cardboard boxes. We have enough problems without having to tell you how to dress when you return for CC13. You be you, boo. Just don’t get in our face about it, okay??

In fact, don’t get in ANYBODY’s face at Cardboard*Con, okay??? In fact, do you think it’s really all that responsible of you to share enclosed space with other nerds, even if you are all vaccinated? Have you people even READ a book??????

By attending this year’s Cardboard*Con (which is really going to happen, somehow) you not only absolve us of all liability in case you get sick, we get your Xbox too.And don’t get all fancy lad on us, Charlie. We see you over there judging on unvaccinated Bubba. Don’t you know that you can catch it just as easily as they (Bubba is nonbinary)??

Just the Facts!

Small conventions may not be sharing the facts with the general public, but they are ALL super spreader events lately. Trust us, we go to the secret small convention meetings and hear all the best gossip. Everybody and their dog return home with communicable parting prizes.

OH but don’t you worry…. sunshine, lollypops and puppy dogs is our watchword!

Cardboard*Con is in MARCH and our chances are looking better and better as every day goes by, so don’t give up hope! Just start making your costume now okay?


7-8pm – Meehan’s Irish Pub
8-8:30pm – PARADE††
8- 9:30pm – Pulse Bar at Marriott Marquis
9:30pm -11:59p – Trader Vic’s
Exclusive After Party at Metro Diner.*

Covid-19 is complimentary- – –

Cardboard*Con is the world’s most affordable science fiction / fantasy convention, and the first dedicated to the art of cardboard costuming.

Accidentally founded in 2010 by Captain Drew of the original cardboard troopers, Cardboard*Con has gone on to attract tens of devoted attendees and such guests as That Girl From That Show and “Man in a Box”.

Held annually in downtown Atlanta, Cardboard*Con is a family-friendly “traveling” convention which spans several convention hotels over the course of 5 hours, providing a significant positive economic and spiritual impact on the city as a whole.

Cardboard*Con is more efficient than other science fiction conventions held in Atlanta, as it eschews the outdated and inefficient “volunteer system” in favor of the “you’re in charge of yourself” system.

Cardboard*Con is a child-tolerant convention, though many adult children will be consuming a variety of adult beverages as the night wears on. Please use your best judgement.FOLLOW US on Facebook and Twitter so you’ll see when the Badjs go on sale because we are SURE to run out again this year!!!!

**and for the love of Pete, please read everything

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