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Elon Musk and the CoronaBox 19

During a contentious pre-planning Zoom meeting for Cardboard*Con 2021, Elon Musk changed cardboard immunology forever. Musk, the self-appointed Director of the non-existent Research & Development Track said “Let’s get back to normal”, then did the unthinkable. Taking advantage of the host’s unfamiliarity with the Zoom interface, Musk proceeded to hijack the meeting. He began sharing his screen and running a 28 minute PowerPoint presentation for a radical new boxplay helmet design he described as a “CoronaBox 19”. While our intrepid CNN reporters were unable to obtain his actual PowerPoint file, they did walk away with a few details and images.

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Poop Boxplay at Whitney

One of our box-eyed fans in Manhattan sent us this photo of one of our poop box boxthren wandering the streets outside the Whitney Museum. Art is everywhere, people!! Put it on and wear it!! #cardboardcon10


People Will Laugh

While many boxplayers will try to offer reassurance that you will not be mocked for wearing cardboard the truth is, you will be mocked. Mercilessly. People will point at you. They will take photos and yell for others to come see you. You will become the center of attention. Can you handle it? Heck yes you can, IT’S CARDBOARD*CON!!!!!!!

Boxplay Opinion

Boxplay 101

At the end of July a group of Cardboard*Con veterans traveled to Birmingham, Alabama, to lead a workshop for aspiring boxplayers at Play-On-Con. It was tremendously rewarding to see attendees realize how much fun it is to work with paper in crafting a costume. One of the most important things we have learned about boxplay is that there is no correct style when building a costume – it has to suit your personality and style. Your way is the right way, for you, but everyone needs a starting place, which is the intent of this article by Captain Drew.