Footie Mobsters

This year several “representatives” from an organization called the “Footie Mob” interrupted our fan-favorite panel “Cyclical Sales Demand for European Structural Paper Goods”. One mobster, who seemed especially proud of his scarf, began yelling “It would be a shame if something happened to your pretty little convention!!”.

His friend, wearing a soccer boxtume, seemed equally animated, but no one could understand what he was saying due to the box covering his head.

Convention Reports

Review of Cardboard*Con 8: Grease (2017)

Did you meet a girl at the dumpster who was crazy for you? Did you meet a boy who was cute as he could be while wearing a cardboard box on his head? You may be suffering from Summer Love and there’s no cure for it but a good old-fashioned Grease-themed Cardboard*Con!! This year the costume contest was been replaced by a DANCE CONTEST!!