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Review of Cardboard*Con 8: Grease (2017)

Did you meet a girl at the dumpster who was crazy for you? Did you meet a boy who was cute as he could be while wearing a cardboard box on his head? You may be suffering from Summer Love and there’s no cure for it but a good old-fashioned Grease-themed Cardboard*Con!! This year the costume contest was been replaced by a DANCE CONTEST!!

Join a gang! Drop out of beauty school! Meet a boy or girl! Your worries are over now with the Cardboard*Con Prom because nobody can see your ugly face behind that cardboard box!! So ax that special lady or man (or whatever, because you can’t really tell with all that cardboard in the way) to be YOUR date at this year’s Grease Dance Off Prom Thing!!

2017: 8th Anniversary Guests

  • Modern Major Chew Boxxa
  • Admiral Ackboxx
  • The Cardboard Ambassador
  • Robby Hilliard
  • Wes Wilson
  • Crisp Ratt (no show)

2017: The Con in Review

The 8th Annual Cardboard*Con was held on Saturday, March 4th, 2017 and was largely believed to have been the best Cardboard*Con ever! This year’s event saw an influx of magnificent Japanimation videogame type style costumes that made everybody go, like, “woah!!”. Like, for real. Did you see the pictures?? Did you follow us on The Cardboard*Con Official Instagram Page???? Our Con Suite won a Fielder Award for Sci-Fi conventions, the only convention in the southeast to take this coveted prize! Our history of corrugation panel was standing room only. SO. MUCH. CHEERING. Another popular Atlanta convention asked all of our guests to sign an agreement to NEVER mention their convention while at our convention because of a fear of “guilt by association”. Jealous much??? There was a marked decrease in chafing this year, thanks to the new “MoistFold™” cardboard products coming out of New Zealand and due to improved bathing practices by our attendees. Take THAT Dragon Con!!! Our guests spent time posing for photos with attendees – it was pretty rad.


  • Gummed tape was confirmed “not edible”.


  • “Cardboard Ferengi are far more disturbingly sexy than anyone could have guessed!”
  • “Fan fiction is difficult to write, read, or hear from inside a cardboard box.”
  • “I will honour Cardboard*Con in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” – PB Susan

2017 Photo Gallery



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