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Lost Footage Found in Dumpster

Last week it was announced that a strange videocassette containing lost footage of Cardboard*Con 2011 had been found lodged in the intake chute of one of the Cram-A-Lot Self-Contained Trash Compactors (a fancy dumpster) located deep in the bowels of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. This lost footage is rocking the boxplay world.

When Security Consultant Elmo Strutton reviewed the footage he immediately forwarded it to an expert here at the Cardboard News Network who specializes in lost footage found in dumpster and trash bins in the southeastern United States.

Our lead investigators were amazed to realize that the lost footage o this videocassette was from the 2nd year of Cardboard*Con!

The year 2011 was groundbreaking for Cardboard*Con. It was only the second time the convention had been held and attendees were extremely active.

The video appears to contain an all-Doctor Who sketch comedy team, a debate by the United Cardboard Nations, the first two Huttslayer Leia boxplayers in history, and what appears to have been a crossover with the Southeastern Theatre Conference convention, including a lot of dancing and a piano performance by someone calling himself “Peter the Great”.

We couldn’t help but wonder what else might be found Atlanta’s convention dumpsters and sent a crack team of investigators out to bring back more information.

Unfortunately, none of them returned the following morning, leading us to believe that they were either involved in some sort of horrible compacting accidents or they got drunk and locked up like they have on the last 15 assignments they were given by CNN.

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