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Review of Cardboard*Con 2: We’re Doing it AGAIN?? (2011)

If you missed CC2011 you missed a fun time! Our convention crossed paths with the Southeastern Theater Conference (SETC) and we had to share the hotel with those theatrical buffoons! If you haven’t seen the video take a couple of minutes to see what Cardboard*Con is all about!

Sadly, this year was not without controversy, as a schism developed between the cardboard purists and the cardboard decorationists. The purists insist that the most fun can only be had by wearing full cardboard costumes, made from real boxes. The decorationists insist that it’s okay to use cardboard for more conventional garments and accessories. We hope that this debate doesn’t cloud the 2012 convention.

Tagline: “Seriously: we’re doing it again. Stop laughing.”

2011: The Con in Review

The 2rd Annual Cardboard*Con was held on Saturday, March 5, 2011 much to everyone’s surprise.


  • Holy crap, nobody arrested us!!!

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