Cardboard Culture Convention Reports History

Valuable Gold Time Capsule

A Brut Gold box was created explicitly for Luc Belaire and transformed into a valuable gold time capsule (“Tim Capsule”) for the 10th Annual Cardboard*Con. Trash artist Captain Drew claims that it was his “most profound” work yet, but he was drunk. All the coolest attendees of this year’s special con signed the time capsule. It is hoped the capsule will then be stored in the Smithsonian. Failing that, it will be stored in Captain Drew’s basement.

Valued at $8200 in 2019, this is sure to be a must-have for collectors of Cardboard*Con artwork.

Dingus McTarvey, of the New Sheperton Times Gazette, suggests that this valuable gold time capsule may not survive until Cardboard*Con 20.

“The half-life of cardboard does not bode well for future cardhistoryboardians. If the box makes it to the event’s 20th year we will be amazed. We will be even more amazed if Cardboard*Con lasts that long.”

Dingus McTarvey, New Sheperton Times Gazette

If the box survives, Cardboard*Con will be there to report on it!

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