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Review of Cardboard*Con 10: Generic Cardboard Space Adventure (2019)

The Generic Cardboard Space Adventure was the 10th installment of an ill-advised campaign to rally workaday men and women to escape the routine of their normal day by donning cardboard costumes and gallivanting around downtown Atlanta, Georgia, to the delight and confoundment of boring people who don’t know how to wear cardboard.

2019: 10th Anniversary Guests

  • Derek Jefferson
  • Alton Brown
  • Alan Twodyx
  • Toddbeard
  • Robby Hilliard
  • Muntang Foryard

2019: The Con in Review

The 10th Annual Cardboard*Con was held on Saturday, March 2rd, 2019, an unseasonably warm day in Atlanta. The theme for 2019 was “Generic Cardboard Space Adventure”, and featured an advertisement for our new Generic Cardboard Action Heroes toy line! This year had soft attendance, meaning that the large number of people who showed up don’t get much exercise. The parade was punctuated by an unusual amount of farting from Chewboxxxa Junior. Fortunately, he was only hurting himself. We are happy to announce that no box was left behind in a crosswalk, leading to a very joyous celebration at the Marriott Marquis. With cardboard availability at an all-time high, the costumes were especially jolly, as were the attendees. As we rolled into Trader Vics we were amazed to discover a competing convention in full swing!!! Thankfully, the organizers of Cornbread Con were ALSO boxplayers, led by that farting scamp Chewboxxxa Junior (turns out he’s cornbread intolerant). We were pleased to reveal our special surprise guest Alton Brown, who was EXTREMELY SURPRISED to learn that he was a guest. It was just the best year of ever, and we hope you didn’t miss it because it was really special to celebrate a decade of idiocy with such fun people 🙂


  • Small crowd @ Opening Ceremony
  • Students from Morehouse attend! document event!
  • Parade photo-op at shiny sculpture named Belle
  • Sculptur design by John Portman!!
  • Parade photo-op in Hyatt Regency at big post!!
  • Post inside hotel design by John Portman!!!
  • Attendance double once at Pulse Bar in Marriott
  • Everbody Sing Offishul Cardboard*Con Theem Song!!!
  • Photo of attendees!!
  • Parade to Traders Vic!!
  • Cornbread*Con set have big display! Hand out cornbrad!!!
  • CRAZY!!!
  • Everbody can drink rums get rums! Others don’t!!!!
  • Speshul Seekrit Guess FINALLY REVEAL!!! It Alton Brown!!!
  • PARTAY!!!
  • Costum Contess!!!!
  • Third Plac: Lemley Fambly as Generic Space Fambly!!
  • Sekunt Plac: Elizbeth Mire as Sailor Moon!!
  • Firss Plac: Eric Schumacher as Green Space Alien with Tentakuls!!
  • Honorbull Menshun: Bud Lightbeer!!!
  • Honorbull Menshun: krazee protest man!!
  • Honorbul Menshunn: Cornbread*Con reprensativ
  • Honorbull Menshun: Everbody who ever dress up for Cardboard*Con!!
  • Great 10 years!!! Thanks you!!!!
  • Seekrit Closing Ceremonies at Diners aroun Atlanta

New 2019 Toy Line

Surprising everyone, including themselves, officials from Cardboard*Con teased the lineup from their 2019 toy lineup, which was revealed at the 10th Annual Cardboard*Con on March 2rd. Orders are still pending.

Red Monster Action Hero
Space Boxbie
Fly Boy Action Hero


  • “Does anybody else smell this?”
  • “Are we too specific??”
  • “Where do we buy the toys???”

2019 Photo Gallery



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