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Lost Footage Found in Dumpster

Last week it was announced that a strange videocassette containing lost footage of Cardboard*Con 2011 had been found lodged in the intake chute of one of the Cram-A-Lot Self-Contained Trash Compactors (a fancy dumpster) located deep in the bowels of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. This lost footage is rocking the boxplay world.


Controversy Dogs Cardboard*Con

Reports are coming out of Atlanta that the venerable boxplay convention Cardboard*Con is mired deep in a controversy surrounding discriminatory practices regarding staff meetings.

According to witnesses, patrons using bubblewrap in their costumes were turned away from an organizing meeting for next year’s event.


The Evolution of Paper Products

This article, The Evolution of Paper Products, was discovered in a dumpster by our cardborporters during a trip to Sweden. Written by Per Anders Jerkeman, former consultant at Jaakko Pfiyry Consulting Ltd., U.K. The article appears to have first been published by the Nordisk Pappershistorisk Tidkrift (The Nordic Paper History Association Journal) in 2008.

Last year there was an exhibition at the National Museum in Stockholm called Förfärligt härligt or Dreadful Delight. It showed products from the 19th century, arts and crafts, paintings and sculpture, china-ware and furniture. The objects were often overburdened with ornaments, many were kitschy and vulgar – that was the style, or the lack of style in the 19th century. You can say it showed – in our eyes – a dreadful taste.

That is one way of looking at this fascinating period, anything goes, nothing was discriminated, everything was allowed. There was room for inventors and entrepreneurs. That was the delight of the 19th century.
This was also the era of industrialism. With industrialism the modern society was created; railways transported goods and people; steam powered ships and vehicles; electricity powered engines; Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, Alexander Graham Bell the telephone, Thomas Alva Edison the light bulb, Henry Bessemer the converter for steel production and Carl Daniel Ekman the sulphite process.

Cardboard Industry

Dezeen / Samsung Box Competition

The world’s most popular and influential architecture and design magazine is collaborating with Samsung for a global design competition that challenges contestants to design innovative new objects for the home that can be made by repurposing cardboard packaging.

The Samsung Out of the Box Competition is free to enter for anyone over the age of 18 in any country around the world, with prize money totalling $20,000.

Keep reading to learn more and be sure to check for all the latest on this contest

Badj Convention Reports

Surprise Star Trak Badj

Did you hear?? Attendees of the 2020 edition of Cardboard*Con were awarded with a surprise Star Trak themed badj with a complimentary deluxe Cardboard*Con lanyard!

Convention Reports Photos

Cardboard*Con 11 Photo Gallery

Images in this Cardboard*Con 11 photo gallery are courtesy of Karen Grayson, thanks Karen!!! If you took some photos you’d like for us to share here let us know!

Convention Reports Photos

Star Trak Photos by Thomas Kerns

Many know Thomas Kerns from his fabulous photography work at Wasteland Weekend, but how many of those apocalyptic warriors know that he got his start with cardboard underwear? Hips don’t lie, and neither do these photos of some fabulous Star Trak photos by Thomas Kerns!!


2020 Costume Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of our contest participants, in our books you’re ALL wearing garbage!! Here are the our trashiest contestants for 2020:

Convention Reports

Review of Kardboard Khan 11: Star Trak Disco (2020)

Set in the last days of civilization, before the fall of humanity to the Covid-19 pandemic, Star Trak Disco was the incredible theme for our 11th Cardboard*Con Adventure. And what an adventure it was despite the gathering clouds that would ensure Cardboard*Con would be the last GREAT sci-fi convention of the year 2020 in Atlanta. Keep reading!


Cardboard*Con Statement on Coronavirus

Cardboard*Con released a statement announcing its policy on a coronavirus spreading around the world. The convention’s announcement is presented in full, below.

A new type of coronavirus called COVID-19 is currently sweeping the globe, including Atlanta, home of Cardboard*Con, raising health concerns in the boxplay community.