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Review of Kardboard Khan 11: Star Trak Disco (2020)

Set in the last days of civilization, before the fall of humanity to the Covid-19 pandemic, Star Trak Disco was the incredible theme for our 11th Cardboard*Con Adventure. And what an adventure it was despite the gathering clouds that would ensure Cardboard*Con would be the last GREAT sci-fi convention of the year 2020 in Atlanta. Keep reading!

2020: 11th Anniversary Guests

  • William Shatner (the custodian, not the actor)
  • Inhuele – the Tiki Convention from Helleka-ah
  • Andy Leach – the doomed groom
  • Jeffrey’s Tube – boring guest, will not be asked back

2020: The Con in Review

The 11th Annual Cardboard*Con was held on Saturday, March 7rd, 2020, a pleasantly dry day in Atlanta, which had experienced a wet winter. The theme for 2020 was “Star Trak Disco”. This year’s commercial featured a team of red boxes from the Starbox Enterprise dying to deliver a disco box to Cardboard*Con to the theme song of “Staying Alive”, which was fitting since a novel coronavirus had begun sweeping across the world in the direction of Atlanta and nobody was talking (yet) about flattening the curve – we were all so innocent!

It was a busy night in Atlanta, and the opening of the Atlanta United Kickball game impacted our attendance, as many hipsters who normally tag along with us were required to attend that match. Also happening that weekend was Inhuele, a convention of tiki aficionados who were gracious enough to invite us to their dance party!

Confusingly, there were additional badges distributed to attendees this year, prompting many to worry aloud that they had actually spent money on the convention.

It came as a shock to parade marchers that the Pulse Bar in the Marriott Marquis had been closed due to low convention numbers that weekend. The High Velocity bar stepped in to cover for the Pulse Bar, and we proceeded to have many exciting and informative panels in the grand vault of the Marquis, topped off by a moving performance of the Cardboard Theem Song by the International Cardboard Chorus and Dry-Packing Consortium.

Trader Vic’s was a jolly good time as always, and a great deal of very silly things did transpire there, including a costume contest heavy on the Star Trak.

Around 11pm a contingent of Cardboard*Con attendees took an away mission from Trader Vic’s over to the Atlanta Sheraton, where the good people from the planet Inuhele (a fabulous Tiki convention) allowed boxplayers to join in the festivities for a reduced rate.

Special Saturday rate to Inuhele for Cardboard*Con members.


  • Lanyards and Badges competed with traditional badjs
  • A troubling number of Cardborgs showed up, attempted to corrugate people
  • Delegation from ChattaCon attended to celebrate a stag party!
  • Turbowhistles distributed to all attendeez
  • Bootiful parade down Peachtree Street. Perfect!
  • Puls Bar closed!!! Unbelievable!!
  • Photo of attendees!!
  • Everbody Sing Offishul Cardboard*Con Theem Song!!!
  • Parade to Traders Vic!!
  • Inhuele Tiki People eating in back of hut!!
  • Costum Contess!!!!
  • Third Plac: Mike Osbahr as Mister Spok!!
  • Secont Plays: Lemley Family as Holodeck!!
  • Firss Plac: Jay and Ray??? Riker and Enterprise!!!
  • Honorbull Menshun: Cardborg!!!!!
  • Honorbull Menshun: Monika’s cardbord parasol!!
  • Honorbul Menshunn: Cardboard Saavik
  • Honorbull Menshun: Pete and Faattii get engaged!! Make it SO!!!!
  • 11 years??!!! Y’all CRAZY LOVE
  • Dans at Sheraton with Pineapple drunk people
  • Seekrit Closing Ceremonies at dinders all aroun Atlanta

New 2020 Seekrit Offishul Delux Badjs

Surprising everyone, including themselves, officials from Cardboard*Con awarded all the attendees with badjs featuring the Dancing Spok poster. Really big hit thanks to funding from last year’s costum winner Eric!!!


  • “Did that guy just steal a cardboard parasol??!”
  • “I believe we should have done more research on this thing”
  • “I built my costume from toilet paper because it’s so cheap – I mean, there’s no conceivable reason why anybody would pay a lot of money for TP. Like, ever.”

2019 Photo Gallery


Staying Alive for Cardboard*Con 2020 (Star Trak Disco)

Footage of Cardboard*Con 2020 Star Trak Disco


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