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Cardboard*Con 11 Photo Gallery

Images in this Cardboard*Con 11 photo gallery are courtesy of Karen Grayson, thanks Karen!!! If you took some photos you’d like for us to share here let us know!

As you can see, this year’s convention was vibrant, just like the Federation of Planets – Infinite Cardboard Diversity in Infinite Cardboard Combinations was the watchword this year!

The most imaginative costume of the night was the Lemley family, who boxplayed as The Holodeck! While deactivated, the family were simply wearing black rectangles set with a yellow grid. Once activated, the family became the Star Trak Disco from this year’s event theme!

Looking at the Cardboard*Con 11 photo gallery it is obvious that our attendees love Star Trak!!! They are great big nerds. We would take their lunch money if we could.

As the last science fiction convention to happen in Atlanta before Covid-19, Cardboard*Con was also the most vibrant convention – filled with love and the prime directive was to PARTY DOWN!!

Another amazingly costume was Doctor Spock by Mike Osbahr, who looked remarkably like the poster from this year’s convention!

Attendee Mike Osbahr is a 2-time winner of the Cardboard*Con costume contest!

Judges gave high praise to the level of creativity demonstrated by this year’s contestants. They were especially thrilled to see the Cardborg represented by multiple attendees, although they did express disappointment that there were no Clingons represented. Everyone was thrilled to see the USS Enterprise in all her glory!

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