2011 Badj Art Reveal

Our Badj Committee are overjoyed to reveal the artwork for Cardboard*Con 2011. This year’s artwork is entitled “Rubbish” and was designed by Edna Shrub of Lower East College Park. Edna’s inspiration was “my cat”.

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The History of the Cardboard*Con Badj

Announcements News

2011 Event Announced

Cardboard*Con returns to Atlanta again for another year of cardboard costuming! Thrill to the splendor of a convention without long lines or badge problems

We will start at the Hyatt, move to Marriott and then to Trader Vic’s in the basement of the Hilton!!

Dragon Con Videos

Where is Dragon Con?

The Cardboard Troopers are trying to find Dragon*Con.


2010 Costume Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of our contest participants, in our books you’re ALL wearing garbage!! Here are the our trashiest contestants for 2010:

Convention Reports

Review of Cardboard*Con 1: It’s Just Crazy Enough to Work (2010)

Cardboard*Con was accidentally founded by Captain Drew of the Cardboard Troopers (a ragtag group of untalented costumers). The official mission of Cardboard*Con is to promote the art of cardboard costuming (which the Captain called “Boxplay”), but the truth is that it was created to meet chicks who are willing to wear garbage.

The very first Cardboard*Con in history was held on Saturday, March 6, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia and was widely regarded to be an internet scam, due in large part to the low quality of the first website which only featured an enormous image of the first Cardboard*Con Badj and the following announcement:


Cardboard*Con 1 Photo Gallery

Aren’t you glad that we were able to find photos from the very first Cardboard*Con of ever?? Photos in this album are courtesy of several boxplayers.

Announcements Videos

Opening Ceremonies

Live from the Opening Ceremonies of Cardboard*Con Number 1 – yes, it’s a real thing.


Cardboard*Con Launching First Website

The world’s first boxplay convention Cardboard*Con is launching its very first website today and the design is refreshingly uncomplicated. Most of the page is filled with an enormous image of the convention’s multimedia event poster featuring all the information about the upcoming event.

Cardboard Culture News

MIT Nerds Race Cardboats

Today a bunch of geeks up in Massachusetts launched their first-ever cardboard boat race!! These nerds have their own cute little newsletter and have written a long, long, long story about their cardboard regatta that may eat into your rum-drinking time. We advise that you just read our article, which steals the best part of their article and adds some gravitas to it, due to our powerful voice in the cardboard community.