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Review of Cardboard*Con 1: It’s Just Crazy Enough to Work (2010)

Cardboard*Con was accidentally founded by Captain Drew of the Cardboard Troopers (a ragtag group of untalented costumers). The official mission of Cardboard*Con is to promote the art of cardboard costuming (which the Captain called “Boxplay”), but the truth is that it was created to meet chicks who are willing to wear garbage.

The very first Cardboard*Con in history was held on Saturday, March 6, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia and was widely regarded to be an internet scam, due in large part to the low quality of the first website which only featured an enormous image of the first Cardboard*Con Badj and the following announcement:

This is the very first Cardboard*Con of EVAR. If we are smart and good and pretty there will be MOAR. We meet up at Parasol Bar at Hyatt at 7:30pm for drinks and for CONVENTION. Famous peoples maybe not show up, but costumes will be SPLENDOR TIMES TWELVE!! IF famous peoples show up then they have to buy US the BEERZ. HERE is ADVICE for HOW TO MAKE your COSTUME!!! (click it!! click it!!) Take a camera, bring some picture taking and LOTS OF TAPE!!! Even MOOOAAAR tape. Parts falling off all the time with the beerz. Maybe we will move around to different hotels, like a REAL CONVENTION!! Maybe we will go to TRADER VICS later time after panels. We are still making up Panels & Tracks. Okay that enough for now. We are on TWITTER as CARDBOARDCON. OH, this is UR BADGE. PRINT IT OUT AND WEAR IT. Or DON’T. We don’t CARE.

Official First Post by Cardboard*Con

2010: The Con in Review

The convention began in the Atlanta Hyatt Regency, beginning with cocktail hour in the storied Parasol Bar in the main lobby before moving to the Opening Ceremony where a man dressed in garbage delivered a rambling 3 hour speech, which is widely regarded as the best and the worst speech ever delivered at a Cardboard*Con.

Many things happened “in the middle part” in the Marriott Marquis, but few photos are known to exist of that time. There are rumors that some people were over-served, but nobody could remember if that happened.

Some form of costume contest was held in Trader Vic’s as well as some sort of closing ceremony, providing all attendees with headaches and regrets the following morning.

Everyone said that we should do it again.


  • Great slideshow presentation!

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