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Review of Cardboard*Con 5: Senior Prom (2014)

It’s the 5th Anniversary of the biggest, most badass Cardboard*Con there ever was!! Will YOU be there? People not wearing cardboard will be escorted out of the dumpster dance.

Badj prices were cut in HALF and the fans responded enthusiastically! Even though this deep price cut reduced the quantity and quality of guests it seemed that this year will forever be remembered as the year that nobody fell into the dumpster at the after-after-after party. The profile of the event grew in 2014 and organizers are wondering if the hotels can contain the con in 2015.

2014: 5th Anniversary Guests

  • Dolores Fingerhut
  • Stephen Larkworthy
  • The Box Hero Corps
  • Admiral Ackbox
  • The Inappropriately Cardboard Colonel

2014: The Con in Review

The 5th Annual Cardboard*Con was held on Saturday, March 1st, 2014, the anniversary of the founding of our sister city Rio de Janeiro. Attendees told us that our 2013 convention set the bar quite high and despite concerns about a pending garbage strike the traditional nighttime “Paper Parade” up Peachtree Street was executed flawlessly by many who were new to our nerdy science fiction convention.

In a shocking reversal of our 2013 policy, our Executive Board expressed a strong desire that we ignore our mission statement of “quality over quantity” and abandon our attempts to cap our attendance at 15 individuals. And we challenged other conventions in Atlanta (which shall go unnamed) to follow our practice of really packing the crowds in!! Despite our enormous attendance levels, Cardboard*Con was able to guarantee that you would NEVER wait 2 hours in line to see William Shatner and we challenged our colleagues in the sci-fi convention industry to follow our example.


  • Our badj system was FIXED!!!
  • Investment in industry-standards won us a nomination for the Kulpepper Registration Award for 2014!
  • Badj prices were reduced by MORE than half every 3 months as we approached the 5th Anniversary!
  • The parade was astonishingly popular among passing taxi cabs.
  • Elevator & Escalator rides were a crowd favorite and will be back next year!



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