Cardboard*Con 8 Trophies Revealed

The highly sought collectible art trophies for Cardboard*Con 8 have been revealed for the 2017 edition of the event, and the Cardboard News Network was there first to bring you a sneak peek! Remember: Cardboard*Con isn’t just a science fiction convention, it’s also a modern art experiment and this year’s prizes are valued at more than $400 each!

Believe us, you want to win this nerd contest.


As the Cardboard*Con 8 Trophies were revealed Cardboard Captain Drew explains, “Yeah, well sure it’s garbage, but it’s garbage that has a provenance, which is a French word that means that people will pay more for a thing because you have a list of every poor joker that kept it in their garage for a few years before their moms made them get rid of it.”

$1200 worth of trophies ready for dispersal.

As with most pieces of modern art, they’re not much to look at, yet a whole lot to people would like to own one. If you win one of these it means that you’re popular!

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