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Cardboard Dinosaur in Piedmont Park

Ace Cardboard News Network reporter Thomas Kerns captured what is believed to be a new commershul being shot by the dimwitted marketing team behind Cardboard*Con.

The photos and videos show a boxplayer outfitted in a dinosaur costume, running through Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. The boxplayer appears to have been tame however, at one point eating peanuts from the hand of a passerby. Speculation is that the theme for this year’s Cardboard*Con will be “Jurassic Park”, based largely on the “offishul” announcement that it would be.

There is also video evidence that cardboard dinosaurs were far less intoxicated than boxplayneontologists had previously surmised. But nobody likes those guys, so you decide for yourself what is happening here.

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All we know is, Cardboard*Con will be in MARCH.

wink, wink

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