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2014 Theme Come Sail Away

Reports are coming in that the Cardboard*Con Party On Committee held a surprise press conference last night in the parking lot of The Pink Pony, an adult dance club located due east of Atlanta’s tony Buckhead neighborhood, which likes to call itself the “Beverly Hills of the East”.

As this will mark the 5th Anniversary of the convention expectations have been high for this year’s theme. Blurry video of the announcement was posted briefly to Google Wave but was pulled down soon after. Reports indicate that a man wearing a cardboard costume began yelling at the bouncers that the convention’s 2014 theme would be “Chairs! Lots and Lots of Chairs!!“.

Before the bouncers could subdue the spokesman a woman emerged from inside the club wearing nothing but thigh-high boots and a Courvoisier box on her head. Dropkicking the spokesman off of the entrance stairs, she screamed that the convention theme would actually be “Come Sail Away“, before stalking back inside the building.

So, we are apparently looking at some sort of nautical theme for the next event?

Here is the official press release that was distributed this morning:

It’s the 5th Anniversary of the biggest, most badass Cardboard*Con there ever was!! Will YOU be there? People not wearing cardboard will be escorted out of the dumpster dance.

Cardboard*Con Party Committee

Kind of a letdown, if you ask us. Still, there is a Facebook event page for this year’s convention:

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